Shot by Gordotron.

Models: Khalid Hamdan, Inayah Hakeem, Ibrahim Lubis, Ikhlas Hakeem, Noah Saleh, Lejla Suljevic, Quentin Thompson, Israa Hamdan, Hamza Khan.

Stylists: Noor Carvo, Ikhlas Hakeem, Quentin Thompson.



You can imagine the amount of work that goes into planning this type of event as well as the efforts of the showcased designers in the creation and presentation of their brand. The purpose of this review is to share my perspective, show appreciation and reflect on improvements moving forward.  This is the director’s review. 

I am grateful first and foremost to my parents. They have supported me since my initial venture by having my back and continuously believing in me. Thank you to Ikhlas, my creative director, who helped in many aspects of this show as well as my season. Amena, Mirza, Nudrat, Parker, Pelin and Vincent supported the event in a variety of roles that helped in running things smoothly.  Thank you to my models Hamza, Ibrahim, Ikhlas, Inayah, Israa, Khalid, Lejla, Noah, and Q who rocked the runway and showcased my brand. To all my friends who came to help setup as well as the GRAM staff who were present the entire time, thank you.  I am grateful to the brands who participated in the debut of Le Petit Maison.  Thank you to the sponsors who trusted and believed in the vision of an 18 year old and whose continued support will help Veux Studios to grow.  To my friends and family who came from all over Michigan to support me, thank you.  The encouragement I received played a critical role in making this event a success.

Beyond what an attendee observed, there were ongoing challenges prior to the start of the show.  As I am growing and developing my leadership skills, I plan on making improvements based on this experience and feedback from the participants, designers, models and sponsors. One of my goals for the next show is to adhere to time frames that have been shared with all stakeholders and improve planning for the day of the event. 

Thank you once again to everyone who came out to Le Petit Maison.  The show will be back next year!