In 2019, our first collection entitled M.I.A (Muslim in America / Missing in Action) debuted at the first annual midwest fashion show Le Petit Maison. Showed for the first time would be our signature silhouette, the mock neck longsleeve which was paired with archival screenprints. The rest of the collection featured hand dyed garments and some select Carri samples to bring our presentation on the runway together.

Our second collection is entitled A.O.I (Archives of Innovation / Area of Investigation) was released on the first day of 2020. It featured designs dating back to 1617 with Islamic inventions such as the globe, advancements in medicine, and engineering discoveries. Printed on pigment dyes, the collection featured a bright palette featuring light blue, light red, and salmon.

Amidst the challenging times and the coronavirus pandemic, our third collection, Made In America, But What If It Wasn’t will be releasing July 17th. The collection speaks to 90s American t-shirt culture and present day middle eastern bazaar culture. We reworked some selected logos and famous art from the 90s to our own design language and replaced the english with arabic typography. We wanted to emphasize our take on vintage and local, aging our shirts and sewing them in house. They come pre-washed and dyed, packaged in 100% compostable material along with stickers.